Elders Ministry


The Elders serve as the spiritual leaders and promote the spiritual growth and welfare of the Church.  They give spiritual oversight to the members with respect to regular attendance at the Lord's Supper, visitation of the sick, Bible study, biblically sound doctrinal principles, evangelism, mission, as well as stewardship. The Elders preside over the Lord’s Supper and keep a constant eye on the overall moral climate of the congregation, assessing the need for correction and counseling of members.

The Elders prescribe training for all designated officers of the Church.  After prospective candidates have successfully completed their training, both through classes and proving, they will be recommended by the Pastor and Elders to the Church for acceptance and ordination (Deacons and Elders).  [Should an Elder become unable to serve because of health limitations, he shall be granted the title of Elder Emeritus].  The Pastor and Elders serve as the final point of resolution for all unresolved issues relating to the Church.