Finance Ministry

Chairman: Billy Woods, Sr.

It shall be the duty of the Finance Ministry to anticipate fiscal needs in light of the annual budget and to so advise the General Board of methods and/or needs to ensure sufficient funds are available each month, regardless of seasonal fluctuations in income. It shall be the policy of the General Board to adopt a plan which will accomplish this purpose.

It shall be the duty of the Finance Ministry to provide the General Board with accurate information as to current and contingent liabilities resulting from budget authorization.

The Finance Ministry shall work with Ministry Chairpersons at all times to facilitate the operation of any purchase requisition system or similar controls the General Board may authorize.

The Finance Ministry shall cooperate with the Treasurer in preparation of quarterly reports for each Board member showing Church income and expenses by items, bank balances, and accumulation of the same against the authorized budget.  It is the duty of the Finance Ministry to keep all Board members fully informed of the Church's financial condition.